Born 1979, Canada
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

Ten Years of Neon, Thrush Holmes Studio, Toronto, Ontario
Personal Work, Library Street Collective, Detroit, Michigan
PULSE MIAMI, courtesy of BEERS London, London, UK
Heavy Painting, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York 
Break Room, NEXT Lounge, Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada 
MORE, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York
VOLTA NY courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York 
All Lit Up on Wine, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York
Flames Up, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
Noiseless Moon, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
Big Bad Motherfucker in Charge, Neubacher Shor, Toronto, Canada 
New Luxe, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada
Paintings; Some Good, Some So-So, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada 
Big Paintings, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada 
Every Million Golden Universe, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada 
MYTH ME, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada 
We Are All Images, T.H.E, Toronto, Canada 
New Paintings, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada 

Group Exhibitions

Summer Group Exhibition, BEERS London, London, UK 
Modernist Lunch, BEERS London, London, UK 
What’s up 2.0, Offsite Location, curated by Lawrence Van Hagen, London, UK Modernist Lunch, BEERS London, London, UK 
School’s Out, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY
VOLTA Basel, courtesy of BEERS London, London, UK 
I want that inside me, Feature Inc, New York, NY
Massive Party, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
DX Uncrated, Design Exchange Museum, Toronto, Canada 
Summer Group Show, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Untitled, Neubacher Shor, Toronto, Canada 
Group Show, Niklas Schechinger, Hamburg, Germany
After The Dust Settles, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
Carte Blanche Volume 2: Painting, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada
Explicit Fantastic, Keep Six Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Massive Party, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada 

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